Grupo de Bullet S.A.S.

About Grupo de Bullet

With over 25 years of continuous operations in Colombia, Grupo de Bullet has assembled one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the country today. The company’s team of highly trained professionals includes experts in geology, community development, environmental conservation, mining law, as well as project management and finance. We count some of the country’s most successful mineral exploration and development companies among our partners, including Continental Gold, Solvista Gold, Cordoba Minerals, as well as many others. Colombia is a country rich in cultural and biological diversity as well as many world-class mineral deposits. The mission of Grupo de Bullet is to work hand-in-hand with government authorities and local communities in the responsible exploration and development of these exciting resources.


Grupo de Bullet S.A.S.
Medellin, Colombia
NIT: 800.249.157-1